What Is Life Coaching?

A personal life coach is someone who challenges you to master your life and get clarity, whether it be:

  • Reaching an important goal or making a difficult change in life
  • Detecting limitations
  • Identifying strengths and talents
  • Overcoming obstacles or fears, mental, emotional or otherwise

A personal life coach will provide you the support, tools and guidance to overcome obstacles and create your desired life through transformational experience.

A personal life coach is someone who helps you discover your true potential by creating a plan of actions that guides you to your own realization of the steps required to achieve your goals expediently.

A personal life coach is a highly trained and gifted professional who is committed to helping others experience more in life. They will give you the tools you need so that you can apply and integrate them into your life when needed. Soon enough you will feel well equipped and therefore will need your coach less and less.


Though it will require true commitment and dedication to do the work and achieve your goals, you will soon realize the benefits and experience significant and lasting positive changes.

How does a personal life coach direct people to their ideal life? With questions!

Through asking the right questions, while keeping your agenda in mind, you will always discover your own answers.

A Personal Life Coach will inspire you, creating a positive environment that is realistic and motivating.

When you are introduced to a deep knowledge of who you are and your sense of purpose, it can be life changing. Sometimes one piece that was missing will shift and open you up and help you move forward with new clarity.