Professional Background

Super Soul life coach Tamara is a certified personal life coach who coaches worldwide.

She started coaching over 7 years ago, while residing in New York City. She then moved to Los Angeles in 2008, after which she was certified as a personal life coach by the International Coaching Science Research Foundation Inc (ICS). ICS is associated with the Life Coach Group and other elite coaching entities.

Using the immersion technique (accelerated learning process), Tamara underwent a thorough and rigorous training program, and learned powerful life coaching techniques.
Life Coach Tamara has studied the latest scientific research on the human mind, peoples habits, behaviors, and the modalities to achieve personal goals.

Tamara’s accelerated learning techniques will guide you in making the best choices to set up a learning process to meet your needs, so that the process is both deepened and accelerated into needed actions that will create desired changes.

Immersion, combined with the right coach (the one you feel that is right for you), along with consistent repetition, will result in creating the life you desire.

Tamara’s approach has awakened and guided hundreds to reprogram beliefs, thoughts, and actions. Her approach has successfully cleared emotional and mental blockages, created a powerful internal shifts and helped many to produce high-impact change in their lives.

Tamara is both, a soulful life coach and a spiritual and motivational consultant, who bridges the emotional and practical aspects of growth. She coaches people on multiple aspects of their lives because she believes that if there is an imbalance in one area of your life, it’s bound to impact other.

Life Coach Tamara works with clients in the following areas: relationships, marriage, career choices, soul searching and exploring, self growth and spirituality, infidelity along with other areas of trauma and addiction.

Tamara partners with her clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires people to maximize their personal and professional potential.

As a result, her clients set goals, take more positive actions, make better decisions, apply new skills, and awaken their awareness, creating a profound shift that promotes true growth and produces major changes and successes in life.