Personal Background

From a very young age, Tamara knew she was gifted. Her innate abilities provided her with healing capabilities, insightful wisdom, a heightened sensitivity to energies, and self-awareness which gave her insights to the “inner-self” and the deeper meaning of life. Her special gifts allowed her to help, guide, inspire and motivate people in the most soulful, warm, compassionate and understanding way while at the same time producing effective results.

Over the years Tamara’s spiritual growth has deepened, and her awareness of the power within her has grown. It has given her the knowledge and tools to discover and embrace the true nature of her soul, inner voice and strengths. This knowledge and awareness has opened her to a greater understanding of one’s purpose, and naturally evolved into working with and helping others to become attuned to the true meaning and purpose of their lives.

Having lived and coached all over the world, Tamara has built a global reputation. This has given her a worldly sense of knowledge and valuable understanding of people’s differences and similarities everywhere.

Tamara’s approach will give you support, guidance, insights, confidence, structure and clarity. You will feel that someone really understands you. Her specialty is to recognize what you really need and nourish your soul’s cravings, gauge your emotional state, thought process and patterns. In doing so, she will know how to better assist you and your specific situation and needs and will provide you with practical tools to get clarity and order in your life.

Tamara’s coaching will ground you and change the way you think. Feelings, perceptions, and behaviors will evolve, and you will soon be able to find your true self and truly live from it.

Tamara has been doing private sessions for over 7 years and is in high demand. Right now, there is a waiting list for new clients. If you are interested in working with Tamara, please fill in this application.


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